How it works

Material Storage

Each concrete ingredient (sand, stone, cement, water, and admixture) is contained in a separate compartment.

(1) Sand and stone are stored in open bins. (2) Cement is stored in a closed, watertight bin behind the aggregates. (3) Water is provided in an auxiliary tank. (4) Conveniently located admixture tanks are integrated into the system.

Setting The Controls

Once the storage bins are loaded, the operator will select the correct mix design for that pour. (5) The sand and stone gate will adjust to their correct position, and admixture and water flow rates are set.

Concrete Production

(6) The operator hits the start button to begin operation. (7) As the sand and stone exit their respective bins, they pass under the “strike off” gates. The materials then pass under the cement bin and falls into the mixing auger. (8) The cement bin precisely meters the correct amount of cement onto the mix. The dual auger cement metering means consistent mix designs within +/-1 percent on every pour. (9) All materials simultaneously enter the continuous mixer where they are thoroughly mixed by Cemen Tech’s unique mix auger. (10) The homogeneous concrete mixture is then carried to the discharge chute. Perfect concrete is produced for each and every pour.

The Results

• Superior Quality
• Exact Quantity
• No Waste